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Efforts to diversify both legacy and independent newsrooms have largely failed, and Canadian media remains predominantly white, especially at the leadership level. This leaves Black, Indigenous and people of colour communities vastly underrepresented and their stories frequently misrepresented in the news.

The Resolve will change this by creating a platform for Black, Indigenous and people of colour journalists to tell their own stories directly to BIPOC audiences — not filtered through a white lens.

The Resolve will reflect the real-life experiences of Black, Indigenous and people of colour communities — the highs and the lows, the challenges and the successes, the sorrows and the joys. The Resolve will dive deeper, explain complex issues and look to solutions.

Black Lives Matter, the reckoning of Canada’s residential schools and so many other events are finally surfacing tough conversations about race in our society. Canadians are ready for a platform like The Resolve.



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