Meet Harbinger

We're a community of progressive podcasts challenging right-wing and corporate media dominance from coast to coast.

Three years ago a group of independent podcasters with a passion for building a better world began to collaborate, skill-sharing and beginning the early work of establishing a community.

Today, we’re a collective of more than 60 journalists, activists, academics and subversives broadcasting from B.C. to Newfoundland who make up the Harbinger Media Network, a progressive podcast nonprofit.

We’re a common front of smart, irreverent voices overseen by an executive organizer and responsible to a board of directors, while maintaining a horizontal system of 100% editorial independence for all of our shows and creators.

Our community formally launched in October 2020 with a slate of 18 podcasts, including Calgary’s Alberta Advantage; Paris Marx’s Tech Won’t Save Us in St. John’s; Rob Rousseau’s 49th Parahell and Le plancher des vaches in Montreal; and with the archives of legacy podcasts such as Vancouver comedian Charlie Demers’ book review show Well Reds, and the Paris Podcast Award-winning series Fil Rouge from Indigenous and Inuit communities in northern Quebec. In the last year the network has doubled to 36 shows with new arrivals like the pop culture analysis of Desmond Cole and Shama Rangwala’s Replay out of Toronto and Edmonton, the QAnon conspiracy round-up Faisez vos recherches! and Nora Loreto’s feminist theory show Take Back the Fight.

And we’re just getting started.

In an era of corporate media consolidation, Harbinger is committed to creating a space where progressive voices can thrive. With more than a million shows in the podcast universe it’s hard to get noticed and independent shows struggle to stand out. Harbinger is determined to hold space for voices we don’t hear elsewhere — whether they’re drowned out by right-wing rhetoric or silenced by mainstream media’s centrism and fear of confrontation, or the corporate, dark money support most outlets receive as Canada’s media sphere continues to lurch to the right.

We have big plans for 2022 but we need your help. With your support we can:

* further democratize Harbinger’s community with the launch of a fund to develop new shows to include more Indigenous and Gen Z voices

* pay online hosting fees to support our diverse podcasters and help them upgrade their equipment as needed

* offer more podcast creation outreach to campus and community radio stations, schools, and community groups that share our values

* expand into video, streaming and new podcasts as our community continues to grow.

Building a strong, progressive, united opposition to mainstream Canadian media won’t emerge on its own; it will take a deliberate, collaborative effort to share the resources and skills required to forge this community. Will you join us?