Meet Harbinger

We're a community of progressive podcasts challenging right-wing and corporate media dominance, in French and English, from coast to coast.

Our cohort of comrades are sharing skills, resources and talent and working collaboratively to build an alternative to corporate and mainstream media. We’re coming together across culture, language and geography in mutual support as we intentionally cultivate a shared vision for a better Canada and a better world.

Harbinger is a registered non-profit co-ordinated by Executive Director Andre Goulet and a Board of Directors with representation from around the country. We’re also working with the Left journal PASSAGE as a founding partner to build a media ecosystem challenging centrist and far-right narratives and creating space for left and progressive voices in Canadian discourse.  The network is an advertising-free space and we don’t accept commercial or corporate funding. Harbinger depends on the support of listeners like you.

The Harbinger Media Network is home to many of the most widely listened-to shows in Canada, including OUT OF LEFT FIELD in Victoria, Charlie DemersWELL REDS in Vancouver, and The LB Podcast on North Vancouver Island.

There’s THE ALBERTA ADVANTAGE in Calgary and the socialist film crit show KINO LEFTER and THE PROGRESS REPORT in Edmonton. Nashwa Khan’s HABIBTI PLEASE and Umair Muhammad and Sadia Khan‘s OATS FOR BREAKFAST are in Toronto and Paris Marx’s TECH WON’T SAVE US is in Newfoundland. The feminist social critique podcast LES FICELLES and Rob Rousseau’s 49th PARAHELL are in Montreal and the Paris Podcast Award-winning Indigenous storytelling series FIL ROUGE is in Wendake and Unamen Shipu. And many, many more.

Watch for exciting new projects in the immediate future as Harbinger expands including a narrative podcast incubator from the creative talent behind CANADALAND’s THE IMPOSTER, and new show OFFCOURT, exploring the intersection of sports, politics and society from writer and filmmaker Abdul Malik, launching in early 2021.

THE HARBINGER MEDIA NETWORK is a national community of dozens of podcast creators imagining a better, more just world and we’re just getting started. Thanks for joining us.