Half Past Capitalism

Half Past Capitalism discusses alternatives to capitalism as if they were possible.

Capitalism, at this stage, informs our social relationships and our economic lives in ways that it is hard to even notice – its logic is everywhere, in everyone. And yet, groups of people keep trying to find ways to escape – or transform – its ubiquitous grasp. Half Past Capitalism invites guests from socialist organizations, cooperatives and other organizations that try to exist outside the logic of capitalism to discuss how that works in practical terms. These are their stories… their theoretical musings, their critiques and their hypotheses.

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Dru Oja jay

Dru Oja jay

Dru Oja Jay is an organizer and writer based in Montreal. He is co-founder of organizational experiments like the Media Co-op, Journal Ensemble, Courage, and Friends of Public Services. He currently serves as Executive Director of CUTV and as Publisher at The Breach. He is co-author, with Nikolas Barry-Shaw, of Paved with Good Intentions: Canada’s development NGOs from idealism to imperialism.

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