Canada Re-Imagined

Is Canada one of the best places on earth to live?

Absolutely.  But…

Sadly, the entire planet is heading for trouble, and Canada is not immune. Climate change, poverty, tribalism… warning signs are everywhere.

Canada Re-Imagined will look at these and other intractable problems, finding hope and inspiration in unanticipated places.

Futuristic, utopian, factual, heretical, humorous… Canada Re-Imagined.



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Patrick Esmonde-White

Patrick Esmonde-White

A life condensed!

I first worked for Pierre Trudeau in ’66 before becoming his Assistant Campaign Manager in ‘68, then working in the PMO. 

Soon disillusioned, I set out to explore Canada, working in the oil fields, as taxi driver, and in a factory.
In Ottawa, after my hitch-hiking adventure, I was asked to lead a national Youth Task Force. It was sabotaged. The experience led me to into community activism, and I eventually joined the legendary Vancouver Cool-Aid youth collective.  

When Cool-Aid broke up I got into radio with the CBC. Events soon took me to Washington D.C., where I earned a Ph.D.. There, throughout the 80’s I produced and hosted New Voices, an award-winning radio show carried nationally in the US, covering NGOs and politics. 

After New Voices ran its course, I consulted on communications and international assistance.  Major client: The World Bank. 

It allowed me to return in Canada, where I served two terms as a municipal councillor before joining the federal government. I managed communications with Canadian Heritage, CIDA and Global Affairs. 

I retired, gleefully, to play hockey and podcast.

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